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Book Review – Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow bf Gabrielle Zevin

My Review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/ 5 

This book completely took me by surprise. I loved it! It is a contemporary fiction (and coming of age) about Sadie and Sam/Mazer, who met as children playing video games, had a falling out, and reconnected again at Harvard. They build video games, and over decades grow up together and deal with issues that strengthen and often fracture their friendship at the same time. They become famous as game creators and with wealth, they have a new slew of problems and attention. They are friends that have a deeper love than that of romance, but as collaborative creators – which to them is a much stronger love.

I really loved this even though I am not really a gamer. The back and forth between timelines was easy to understand but so masterfully woven by Zevin that it kept my interest throughout the story. This story gave me all the feels – I was near crying, smiling, and in the end, enchanted. 

Thank you to Knopf books for the e-ARC in exchange for my honest review.


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My name is Tina Long. I am an avid book reader in all forms - love the smell of a new book, the great find at a used bookstore, and convenience of a story on my kindle.

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