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Book Review – Love of my Life by Rosie Walsh

My Review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/ 5 

A dual POV mystery thriller involving Emma and her husband Leo. Upon writing an obituary for her in the case of her death (since she has cancer), he finds that stories of her past are not lining up with what she told him when they met. From her education to even her name, he soon realizes he knows nothing but lies from the woman he loves, including that their daughter really is his or not. The story has so many turns and twists that it is almost hard to keep up, where it seems every single character has their own secret.

This had me constantly guessing with its intriguing story and fast-paced writing style. Definitely one of my favorite thrillers over the last few months.

Published by Tina Long

My name is Tina Long. I am an avid book reader in all forms - love the smell of a new book, the great find at a used bookstore, and convenience of a story on my kindle.

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